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Longer essays -

Falsification - the foundation of good science

The basis for an irreligious morality

Freewill - an unnecessary hypothesis

Changing morality  -  October 2016

The existence of God

God and suffering

The Human Condition - why do we act as we do?


Democracy - Why?

Ideology - how to run a Country,,,

Honesty, wallets and humanism

Conspiracy theories: Part I - why do people believe in them?

Conspiracy theories: Part II - the lingering influence of fake news

Prejudice - good or bad?

Beliefs or just working assumptions?

Inertia - conservative and liberal thought

The inertia of belief

Decision making in the long-term

Decisions, decisions

My letters published in Philosophy Now:

Issue 99 - Absolute & relative morality

Issue 100 - Freedom & randomness

Issue 104 - Consequentialism

Issue 110 - Atheism and the argument from evil

Issue 111 - Is & ought - the source of morality

Issue 113 - Freewill & Ebenezer Scrooge

Issue 113 - Chimps & habeas corpus

Issue 114 - Freewill is a theological problem

Issue 119 - Human Rights

Issue 120 - Episodic memory

Issue 123 - Panpsychism -  a critique

Issue 125 - Freedom of will

Issue 127 - Physicalism

Issue 137 - The basis for human rights

Issue 138 - The Covid 19 virus and panpsychism

Issue 140 - Humanism and morality

Morality (non-religious) -

Morality for unbelievers

Philanthropy by the rich and famous

Living with the consequences

Self-driving cars and the imposition of a world-wide moral code

Violence and the good old days

Altruism, fairness and the law

Fairness amongst Capucin monkeys

Little Brown Monkeys revisited

Morality and Oxytocin

Slippery Slope argument and assisted dying

Democracy and Religion - according to the Pope

Animal rights?

Self-driving cars and the Trolley problem

General topics -

An excess of Human Rights?

The difficulty with Constitutions

Self-consciousness - the weird world of 'panpsychism'

Purpose in the Universe - the even weirder world of 'cosmopsychism'

"Death of the author" by Roland Barthes - a critical assessment
Blessed are the Rich
Rights and Obligations
Why is there so little interest in philosophy?
Language and thought
A twig or a branch?  Do our thoughts need words in order to exist?

The reinvention of philosophy

God, freewill and morality -

Religion in its widest sense

Free-will, morality, long-term decision making and the law

God and suffering
Is versus Ought (2015)

Is and Ought - original version of letter to Philosophy Now, published Dec 2015 - Issue 111


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